Traveller Roma Early Years National Network (T/REYN)

EDeNn (as part of Pavee Point) is a founding member of the European Diversity and Equality in Early Childhood Education and Training network (DECET). DECET has worked in collaboration with the ISSA Network in Europe over many years. The Open Society Foundation (OSF) has recently set up an international Romani Early Years Network (REYN) to support professionals working with Traveller and Romani children and parents in Europe. EDeNn is currently supporting the development of a National Traveller/Romani Early Years Network in Ireland which will be linked to the European Network. The Irish Network was launched in June 2013 at the EDeNn National Conference (June 21st & 22nd). The aim of T/REYN is to support professionals working with Traveller and Romani families. The idea is to support members to work together to develop skills and good practice, establish effective partnerships and support professional development. This is a very exciting initiative and we look forward to bringing you information as it develops.

REYN leaflet