Equality and Diversity Early Childhood National Network

EDeNN and Start Strong Present Making A Difference Video Series

The first video of the series is the key note speaker from the EDeNn and Start Strong Conference from June 2013. Louise Derman-Sparks gave a wide ranging address highlighting our duty under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Anti-bias in the Irish context and in practice.

Cloud 2 (2)Children’s Books

A new resource page filled with children’s book to address issues of equality and diversity has been added to the EDeNn website to support practitioners and families. Addressing such themes as  FamiliesTravellers  Disability and Bullying, Discrimination and Racism.


 Recent Publications

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.29.07 PM Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Care and Education Critical Questions, New Imaginaries and Social Activism: A Reader

Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Care and Education is a foundational text, which presents contemporary theories and debates about early education and child care in many nations. The authors selected are leading contributors in discussions about critical early childhood studies over the past twenty years; the editors are long-time scholars in the reconceptualizing early childhood movement.


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.29.36 PMChildren’s Rights and Education: International Perspectives

This book compares ways in which children’s rights in, to, and through education, formal and informal, are viewed and implemented in a variety of social and political contexts, aiming to shed light on how policies and practices can improve equal access to high quality education in an environment which is respectful of children’s rights. Chapters focus on understanding the opportunities for and challenges of addressing children’s rights to participation and to inclusion.

  Persona Doll Training in Pristina in Kosovo

Pristina Persona dolls 041

Ann Halligan (Mayo) has just returned from Pristina in Kosovo having delivered and EDeNn Diversity and Equality Training and Persona Doll Training for Save the Children. The training was delivered to partner organisations working with and from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian backgrounds. The aim of the training was to support teachers, childcare workers, home visitors and social workers to address diversity and equality issues and work with the Persona Dolls.